Steve Kokita

Around 6:00 this evening, a little thunder and maybe 25 big rain drops on the entire lake today....looked more like a waterboatman hatch!

Jim Travers

Active Member
I KNOW of the weather I predict it based on feel alone. No data!!!

problem with cliff muss is he is in major unseen DEALS with various industries such as Big Grocery, Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, and Big Snack!!

Cliff muss is releasin forecasts just in order to get guys to stalk up on these various items!!!


Big Time Hater
Tuesday.....likely Tuesday.
Tuesdays have been pretty much a bust for like 6 years now. I'm fairly skeptical on anything that's supposed to happen on a Tuesday.
That being said....I'm looking forward to more Tuesday predictions as they've been in short supply.
I've watched the rain forecast get pushed back and QPF get lowered every day this week.
When they start saying Tuesday, I'll know was all bullshit the whole time.

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