Meat fishing Point Robinson yesterday


Hey folks,
Did well yesterday with a buddy trolling off Point Robinson. Hit the water at 7:00am (slack tide) and both of us had a keeper (Kings) by 8:00am and off for breakfast. I hooked both fish on my setup and handed the rod over to my buddy for the 2nd fish. Not sure what the other boats were doing because we were the only ones netting fish, lol. Maybe they were just fishing for large dogfish.
They weren't huge but might tasty on the bbq tonight and half in the smoker.
I was hoping we would start seeing some pinks so I could get the fly rods out, but nothing doing yet for us.


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I got kings yesterday and today in MA11 too, and had a couple good chances monday too. there are enough of them down south.

Haven't brought the fly rod out for pinks yet either there, though I have a couple on the fly in MA9. Hearing of solid size on some pinks and kings this year.


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Seems like I have seen more good report from 11 than area 10 this year, but those are some seriously tiny fish!


I went to the Ballard Locks 2 Saturdays ago and there were quite a few 20+ lb kings in the ladders and some of your average silvers. Why couldn't my king had been that big, lol!!!!!!
They are out there.........

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