Trip Report Hex Hatch & Mourning

On this trip I caught only one fish and will probably never return for another try, not because the fishing wasn't fun (it was), not because hitting it on the right evening couldn't be spectacular (it could), not because it wasn't an absolutely beautiful place to be (it was truly beautiful). Here's my report...

For the second 4th of July in a row my wife and I rendezvoused with our son and his fiancé at her family's wonderful, historic lodge. Built in the late 1920's it served as a destination resort for years. It eventually fell into disrepair and was purchased by her family, locals who'd always dreamed of enjoying it but were too blue collar to afford such dreams. They embarked on a long labor of love, restoring the old lodge and enjoying wonderful times with extended family and friends. We got to visit twice, each of the last two July 4th holidays. This last visit a month ago had my wife and I in the "Clint Room", named that because Clint Eastwood staying in that room for over a month while filming a movie. Besides my wife, our son and his fiancé, another couple dozen friends and family were at the Lodge as well. It was festive and special. The Lodge was magical.

An added benefit was the Lodge's close proximity to a lake known for great Hexagenia hatches and large trout that chase the bugs near shore as dark approaches. The first year we fished with a guide and missed a couple strikes but we learned how simple the hex fishing really was and so when we visited the Lodge again this summer my son and I hit the hatch again on July 3rd with our own flies and float tubes. Unfortunately, searing heat all week put the fish down even though the hex's did their thing as dusk arrived. Just as it got too dark to see our flies any more, a huge fish launched four feet out of the water to the right of where I thought my fly was, moving like a missile further right. As I gaped at the fish, I finally realized it was attached to my line which seemed to be oddly pulling to the right in the dark...YEEHAWWW! The battle ensued and a healthy 18" rainbow found the bottom of my net, illuminated by the light on my fishing hat. When we got back to the lodge around 10:30pm the lodges guests of 24 friends and family members were very pleased to hear we had success although I determined to try it again another year to hit a night when the temps were cooler and the fish more active.

Sadly, that next year will not come. The Lodge was located 1/2 mile uphill and west of Greenville CA. It, and the entire, quirky, historic town of Greenville are gone in one tragic day. I'm in mourning today.
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I wonder if property values in CA will drop or enter a long-term stall as it gradually becomes mostly desert and water runs out for good.

already slowly heading down that path, with CA basically giving up a House seat to Texas in this census cycle.

I’m not moving to Texas, but I’m also hoping to not be here in 5-10 years.

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