FS NRS Packraft, 2 pumps, 4pc paddle


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NRS pack raft for sale, along with everything needed to get out on the water right away.

NRS pack raft retail price : 595.00

NRS Wonder pump 6 (for short front country hikes in) retail price: 39.95

NRS Fill bag (for backcountry hikes into remote lakes) retail price: 29.95

Advanced Element packlite 4 piece kayak paddle retail price: 89.95 (Paddle is 4 pieces, light weight easy to pack)

Retail total price: 754.85

My asking price is 700 OBO. Can meet in person on the eastside or Snoqualmie valley area. Shipping could be arranged also.

I've used all these items 4-5 times all on back country lakes. The items are in great condition. The raft works very well and only weights 7lb and can be rolled up to fit into a backpacking backpack.

The reason I am selling these items is because I have found lake fishing to be rather boring and I do not plan on continuing that activity. Please message me or leave a comment if you are interested.

NRS.jpg NRS (2).jpg

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