Gurgler on Pass Lake


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Many times I've been at Pass Lake just before dark and have seen the Fathead minnows "gurgling" on the surface near the weed beds. Often times, swirls and boils from trout are quite numerous. Yesterday I tied up some mostly white gurglers and got to the lake around 6:00 PM. I played with my new flies until about 8:30. No love. It was windy , very few minnows and no swirls from the trout. Still no swirls or boils, but the minnows were starting to begin "splashing" the surface. BOOM a very aggressive explosion! No fish but my reaction definitely tangled me up. As it was getting darker a Rainbow simply sucked my gurgler down and the fight was on. From now on I plan to have a floating line set up for gurglers to use just before dark. Of all the strikes I have experienced on Pass in the last few years, none of them have given me the shear joy and excitement that these surface flies provide. Cheers, Jim
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