SOLD Sage SLT 590-4 Center Axis

A needle in a haystack! All original and in great shape. Reel is a Sage 3300 clicker with backing, line and a spare spool. Rod is one of the best 5wts ever produced - a true classic! Comes with original internally divided tube.
Price is shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.
2FF91A96-22D8-454E-818D-5CC9E2639D4A.jpeg 8AF2D2DF-BC2A-4CB2-B2EB-56056DA9A096.jpeg 0414AA36-D453-45E4-A1D1-B22D8913E2D7.jpeg 478B03C7-8789-4F16-ADD1-33B92615D92A.jpeg BD74A7E1-DBE4-479E-9447-063D9C853DE1.jpeg 01019AC9-7223-4B17-894F-F2845FDCD336.jpeg E7F1ED1C-2008-49E5-AA6E-6B65B3D09A54.jpeg C3B445C7-CF04-4942-9F25-DCC9DD530D3C.jpeg
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