My fishing partner passed away


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So sorry for.your loss. Sounds like wonderful times together. Remember as the sunsets, but look forward to new sunrises.


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Sorry to hear of your loss Jerry. Only thing to do now, as above, is tighten the bootstraps, go fishing in September and use some of the karma Mr Hansen and yourself developed and work the magic. I tend to think, based upon your well written affirmation of the relationship you shared, you will not be wanting for a fishing bud. Good Luck going forward.


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Felt a similar loss when I recently lost my 'brother from another mother'. We spent years surfing and salmon fishing together until his passing. Here he's holding a late run King he took on 10# test while I was on the oars on a streelhead run...hella fight, chasing it downstream from pool to pool...think of my friend 'Gaz' pretty much every day.
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