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A friend of mine's 15 year old son has recently gotten hooked on fly fishing. My friend loves salt water fishing but has taken up fly to share it with his son. I have helped them a bit along the way with the little I know, I'm no pro, but I can help with getting started. But advice for salt water I have no clue. I've suggested the son try salt water when they go out for salmon. What is a good affordable set up for a young man to learn on? Any input is greatly appreciated!

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As mentioned, 6 weights are great rods for the salt. Not too heavy for rezzies in the winter/spring or sea runs.

However, if your friend and his son or more interested in say, chum salmon than sea runs or winter rezzies than a 7 weight would be more suitable.

My main sound rod is a 7 weight. However, I do not fish for rezzies in winter/ spring or SRC’s.

Chum are great fun. They fight like a demon from hell and one often sees a lot of them in terminal fisheries.


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Really don’t get a 10wt for most salmon. I would use a 10wt for huge kings in Alaska, but that’s it.

thinking about this a bit, i should have probably taken a different approach. in today's fishing environment we have to constantly sort clipped from unclipped. so the real question here is are you in control of the fish or is the fish doing whatever it wants. a 10# Coho is going to run rings around a 6 or 7wt rod, give it a try if you wish. if you are intent on a release, then you need to be able to apply the pressure to get the fish to hand quickly so a heavier rod will pay dividends.

if your quarry is something like SRCs you will have a great deal of fun with a 5wt. but anadromous fish are a totally different story.

my biggest mistake in under gunning was going up to AK and helping my old friend close in his cabin on the Kenai. river mile 13, and we would fish when we were not working. i packed my steelhead rod thinking we would be after Coho. well i hooked a chinook that turned out weighing 74 and change at river mile 19. we chased that fish down to tide water before we could net it, under gunned is hardly an appropriate description. i had zero control of that fish. a lesson i have carried forward to all of my saltwater fishing. BTW, a 10wt would also have been under gunned for that fish. that weight rod works great for Chinook up to about 30#s with control in your hands. My 10wt has been heavily used in the salt from the PNW all the way down to Costa Rica and points in between, very versatile.
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