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Go Hawks!!!
The only time I watch much TV all year is just around the corner, soon 2- 3 times a week of sitting on my ass for 3 hours at a stretch.
It'll be nice to sit down with good food and drink and yell at the TV for a few months.
Here's hoping for a good season and on to the playoffs.


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The magic wilson has pulled over his career has been stellar.

I won't make any guesses until they start the season. I have been wrong more than right regarding the win\loss column.


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An interesting evening of hiding from the smoke. The Dodgers escaped being no-hit late in the game with a tying home run then won in the 10th in a real good game. Then I tried to watch the 'Hawks game but it was a real yawner. Since it was too early to go to bed I switched over to the CFL game between the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. They are playing real football and make the NFL games look like they are being filmed in slow motion. Saskatchewan looks really good and awfully fast.


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Las Raiders look ready for the season. Hawks looked like the Coogs.

M's starter had his worst outing that I've seen but kept the Jays from running away with it. Later innings magic again with the DH getting 5 RBIs total.


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I was fortunate enough to to be at the new Stadium in Las Vegas last night . First game the Raiders have had there with fans in the seats . Raiders looked pretty good for a preseason game .!


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... Amazing stadium though. I'm sure it is far more impressive in person.

It’s pretty impressive ,it holds 65,000. Considering the Cowboys stadium is over 100,000 I thought it would have been bigger, but being inside a closed stadium they seem huge . It’s was quite the atmosphere, those Raiders fans are as loud as any :)
On edit the Cowboy stadium is 80,000 with standing room for 105,000


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Didn't get to watch last night. Watching Colts and panthers now. Eason for the ponies looks like Josh Allen physically and playing wise. Could be one to watch.

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I have TV from hell. Dish really sucks. I haven't watched a baseball game or a football game on my TV from hell. If a baseball game is on it is usually a Yankees game. Get tired of teams playing each other from the east coast.

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