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Thanks. Accuracy matters. I read it from my Twitter feed. You are correct, I am sure. It's likely 20 starts and 40 played for 19 pick's. It is in fact insane. Dude is a turnover maker.
Curious if the Pats trade Gilmore or just try to choke people out defensively for the second half of the year. He was an undrafted free agent. Roster building does not only happen through the draft.

Go Sox,
for perspective, Rod Woodson, one of the all time leaders is at 71 ints in 238 games


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The Chiefs look great on paper, on the field....not so much.
Well they lost two, but both of those games looked pretty high level to me. And I think people are figuring them out a bit. Two on Kelsie, etc. No more play ground miracles for KC, they'll have to evolve a bit.

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