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Definition of 'conundrum': 49ers and Green Bay on SNF. Gotta hope that any NFC west team loses to help the hawks make the playoffs, but rooting for Rodgers? Is there an alternate reality where it's possible to root for GB and against AR at the same time?

Might have to be the football fan equivalent of Switzerland in this one.


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Today's games beg the obvious question. Which team has the better chance of a playoff appearance, the Mariners or the Hawks?

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You guys don’t seem to understand what’s going on - I meant to say this is what the Hawks are doing this season to the entire NFL.


The entire NFL is falling into our trap. We’re making them look like a bunch of dopes. Just wait

PC/JS - pure genius.

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Big win today for the LA RAMS over the defending Super Bowl champions. Well done fellas!
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Nice job beating a team with a 44 year old QB. But the reality is this - based on an apples to apples comparison (i.e. empirical evidence) - when you consider how greatly the Rams struggled against the Colts and how the Hawks smoked the Colts, the empirical evidence shows how dominant the Hawks are compared to the Rams. The win-loss record is nothing more than misleading data at this point. You gotta cut thru the noise to find the real signal.


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Great finish! Rooting hard for the Packers, who had to beat the 49ers and the refs. Need to shower now.

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