Nooksack River for Silvers?


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Hello everyone... I was planning on hunting around for Silvers with the wife this weekend with the little bit of rain we had, and thought that the Nooksack may be a decent choice. Problem is that I have not had the chance to fish it yet. I am not looking for secret spots, and would actually rather not have someones secret spot posted on a web site, but just wanted to get a general idea if any of the forks fish well with a fly. If the Nook is not a good option, is there any other suggestions out there? I would love to get the wife tied into a Silver if possible.

Thanks everyone...


Scott Willison
Hi Scott,
I used to fish the Nooksack pretty regularly when I went to school up there. I've actually found some of the best coho fishing to be right around Nugent's Corner below the forks. Everything seems to be running a little late this year, so I suspect your timing may be somewhat early. If you enjoy fishing the salt, you may find a few fish from the beaches around Fairhaven and just south around Clark's Point right about now.


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thanks Boxcar,

That sounds to be the story everywhere right now. I'm probably going to opt to hike into the Elwha as there have been some great reports coming out of there recently.

Thanks again!


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