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I was a bit lazy and left my mid trolling behind me under an indicator. I hooked the biggest rainbow I have ever landed in that lake at a bit over 24"
That happened to me one time, moving from one spot to another. Kicking as fast as I could draging my chironomid and a fish slammed it.

Ian Horning

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Pass seems to have changed a lot recently. Aquatic veg in the lake has exploded, choking off massive sections of the shoreline and shallower bays. Compared to five, six years ago it's a pretty stark change.
The algae never closed the lake before from my recollection, so not a great sign there. Some of my favorite days on the lake were in the thick of the algae, which would still be present in November some years.


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I've fished Pass for over 35 years, at most 3 or 4 times a year. Not sure that I agree it is hit or miss. On one chilly occasion, I only caught 1 fish all day. A fat and feisty 15" brown that brushed off the skunk right before I was about to force fin it back to the put in against the wind. An hour later I thought that brown just suckered me in. I started trolling back as fast as the force would take me to where I parked my truck. I was a bit lazy and left my mid trolling behind me under an indicator. I hooked the biggest rainbow I have ever landed in that lake at a bit over 24". It jumped and belly flopped right in front of another guy in a tube and, after I landed it, he joked that it was the most excited he had been all day. I've caught more than my share of 20-22" rainbows out of that lake over the years but that one was the most memorable because of the huge jump and because I was just being lazy when I hooked it. The size was cool too although it wasn't the prettiest fish. The browns are the biggest prize in that lake but, I tend not to fish it at dusk and after dark anymore. I liked the fitness of the rainbows I caught last March but nothing over 18". They will have grown by October. Is a miss 0 fish and a hit is 1 or more?

"Power trolling" can shake a skunk. More often than not, it doesn't even matter what fly you're using. I've seen skating drys behind a floating line and streamers and nymphs behind sinking lines trolled with enough speed turn up fish that snapped the fly off.

I was with a friend fishing this one lake, way back several years ago. I had a electric trolling motor on my canoe, and we were scooting along to get to the other side of the lake. He has this Muddler Minnow trailing behind the canoe, and, out of nowhere, some fish slams his fly and snaps it off. We're both like, "WTF?!" He re-rigs. Before we make it to the otherwise, the same thing happens again.

Just saying...

chris stiemert

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I’d wait until at least mid October - even if opens before - last year wasn’t as bad heat wise and they were still lethargic late into September And early October -

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