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never fished the Big Lost but spent lots of time on the Wood river with many nice fish to hand. of course that was decades ago when we still had the hand built log cabin on Alturas creek. beautiful area to explore.


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There is hope! Snow is on the way. Growing up we had a cabin in the NE Oregon mountains. I remember snow occurrences every month but July. Sounds like you experienced the August snow. Glad things worked out and beautiful country to fish. I need to get back there. Now that I am retired, it’s on my list for next summer.


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I'd say Snake River Cutt as well. Makes sense given the location. At any rate it is a massive fish for the River.


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Caught on the Upper Big Lost with a size 18 black zebra midge under indicator. I showed the photo to fly shop employee in Ketchum he’d indicated Snake River fine spot. My partner that day did well with dries, caddis #16. There was a lot of walking to find spots with enough water to hold fish.

The wedding transpired yesterday after a freak snow storm dusted the venue. A very cold evening but fueled by alcohol and dance we survived.
Snow in August! Now we're talkin'


Congrats on the Snake River Cuttie! Absolutely a beautiful fish. Too funny, as I was on that same stretch of the Upper Lost the day before and also had a banner day of Rainbows and Cutties. My buddy and I hit a double fishing the same run with this result… good times and glad you enjoyed your visit to SV!


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I am headed over to SV tomorrow for a few weeks, sounds like I should run over to the Lost!
Its been a number of years since I've fished the Big Lost and driven Trail Creek Pass.
The gravel road used to be known as a tire eater which I found out the hard way. Had to buy a new tire in Hailey.


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…..And this is why we can’t have nice things. Diarrhea of the keyboard.
And people commenting on things they know nothing about. The locations discussed in this thread are about as secret as salmon fishing at buoy 10 on the Columbia. I used to spend summers at my grandparents in Carey and fished a lot of these waters. Even 20 years ago the Big Wood, Lost River, and Silver Creek were drawing thousands of people from across the USA every summer. Google "Idaho fly fishing" and there's numerous published articles on each piece of water.

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