Spirit Animals

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
I sure some of our members know more about such things than I. You know I'm a recovering alcoholic and believe in a higher power. I go to church, but it's more God and a way of living, not organized religion for me. I don't even begin to pretend to know it all. After all I've seen 2 UFO's and bigfoot. I saw bigfoot in this same drainage. I can't say that I really felt anything, but it was just a fun day. I posted this image in a little trip report
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Notice the blur above the log behind the piece of concrete in the middle of the frame. When I zoom in it looks like a spirt chipmunk watching me fish.
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spirit animal chipmunk
I see the smudges of spirit chipmunk. Better a chipmunk than tics or 4 legged cougar.

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