Invasive species - fishing report


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So there I was at our favorite suburban fishery last weekend, testing out a new fly line and just casually hiking/fishing.

It was kind of cold and overcast, but I had opted to wet wade. Action had been slow, but a few small fish to hand.

Rounded the corner and suddenly went on point as I spotted a beast - it was go time for some epic sight fishing.

The hydrodynamics were tricky, I had a delicate 4 weight rigged with 6X and a midge, and I had to wade way north-of-nutz-deep in chilly conditions, but managed to land this beauty.

Sorry all you no-kill pansies, but once I got it ashore I gutted it. As it was a quintessential trash-fish IMO, I hiked the carcass out and....put it In the trash.





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Love the rod for perspective, really let's you know what size beast you landed, bet that was a fighter on a 4 wt... nice catch
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I almost never take pics of fish, but take strange delight in snapping pics of garbage I haul. I get jazzed up and don’t even think about cameras or pics when the fishing is good, but seeing garbage on river has me scrambling for my camera phone. Some other past examples..
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