FS Ross Gunnison G-1 Spare Spools


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Ross Gunnison G-1 Spare Spools. Two have floating lines and backing. $75 each or both for $125. These two fit the reels produced from 1995 to 1998 per the Ross website. The third spool fits the G-1 pre-1994 (three-piece, one plunger) per the Ross website and has no line or backing. $65. Can be shipped for an extra $10 or local pickup in North Bend or Ellensburg with prior arrangement. Paypal best for shipping, face to face, cash is best.


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The two spools with line were sold, payment sent, then the buyer realized they would not fit the reel so payment was returned. That said, all three are still available. Please make sure they will fit your current reel. Any questions regarding compatibility, let me know.

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