So Long WA... I've moved to Oregon


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Strange how not one person mentioned

If the steelhead counts come back up over the dams you will be next to the best fishing in the country for those and Chinook salmon! You can throw your half chickens and 14ft fly rod right down at the mouth of Hood river or your single hander with sinking tip in April for steelhead right in town!

You can drive halfway up the river and walk (climb) down to the river and fish for wild Cutt throats in Hood river!

I would suggest buying a real boat so you can fish the mighty Columbia for catch and release Sturgeon and bass and chinook and steelhead when available!

You might like skiing or just going to the snow and having fun not far away!

Lets just say you left a city with around 7 million people in it that has destroyed everything around it and ruined anything of outdoor value (think California) just because of the sure mass of people living their and now you have moved! Leave it behind and enjoy yourself here and don't try and change it!!!


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IF, and that is a big one, the steelhead start coming back to the Willamette drainage, feel free to PM me and i will give you some direction to THE best hole you will ever fish.

this is real greased line fishing so nerves of steel will be required. watch as the fish rises to inspect your offering and either takes and descends or simply does not react. no hook setting in this sort of flow, just let the line tighten up, assuming the fish took what you had to offer, the hook will be in the jaw hinge. thrilling, as you will observe the entire pageant played out before your eyes.
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