Wanted Large Arbor 8wt Reel - FOUND


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Does anyone have an Orvis Hyrdos IV (the 7-8 wt model) collecting dust and wanting to part with (or any other comparable, mid-priced, large arbor reel for a single hand 8 wt). 2 Spools would be a bonus. Prefer used to keep the cost down a bit, but understand it may not be realistic.

Im currently using a SA System 2 7/8 on my 8 wt and although the drag can stop a mac truck, the tiny arbor takes forever to pick up line and am ready to upgrade. I do have 3 spools which is nice though.

looking at 300-400 if there’s an extra spool?
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The Hydros SLs are excellent if you can find them. If I didn't use mine all the time, I'd be selling them to you. The current Hydros is also sweet, and weighs less. Good luck.

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