Is it Really Flyfishing?


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For the past few months I have been using a fly, but with a spin rod. I just can’t fly cast anymore without pain. Honestly, casting a spin rod still causes pain, but less than fly casting and my endurance is longer. Yes I have had casting lessons, just hurts from an older injury/surgery. What I do now is use a 9ft rod and a bombarda float. Set up with a leader as long as the rod. The bombarda floats I buy are from Denmark and come in different sink rates like slow intermediate, intermediate and sink. They also come in different weights. Takes a little practice to not get tangles but it is very effective. I also buy line through lures from Denmark, all used for seatrout fishing over there and it translates very well over here. Is using a float and fly “fly fishing”? May not be, but I don’t care, it gets me out fishing and that’s all that matters. I hope I won’t be banished now that I admitted that! I still enjoy fly tying and flies are more effective.

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I fish. Usually with a fly rod. Sometimes with spinning gear. A few years ago, I used level wind reels. I fished with a fly & bubble numerous times as a younger guy (as stated, a great technique for high mountain lakes.). Taught my Kids to use a fly & bubble. I'll introduce my Grandkids to a fly & bubble, then to a fly rod if they are interested. It was and is all still good.


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For fvck sakes man, how many times does this need to be explained? Fly fishing means casting a rod fashioned from Tonkin cane or greenheart if you're poor, a tapered silk fly line, a fly reel made in England, and flies tied only with natural materials, no mylar, polypro, or foam. Oh, and gut leaders, no nylon or god forbid, flourocarbon. Anything else and you're just another bait goober.
Love it! I make my hooks from the bones of a fallen enemy too!!


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I sure don’t feel like I’m fly fishing when I false cast once and whip out a heavy woolly bugger with a 3 WT and an OPST head. I’d have to agree with this

My favorite is when it's not super windy, and I change my launch angle to that which would be similar to a spinning cast. man, it really flies. Every time I do that though, I think to myself that I shoulda just brought the spinning rod. It's still fun though.


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Wow, how freaky...
I recently posed this question to a rock star member here: " Is it still considered a "fly line" caught fish if all i have on the reel is a leader, a section of T18-20 , and gel spun backing as the running line?"

Looks like it fits into this thread too

That may or may not be fly fishing, but it’s a great way to get some nice deep, very painful cuts in your fingers!


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It's fishing with flies, but not fly fishing. Where I live, NH, the state's definition is as follows:

Fly-fishing: Fishing by trolling or casting with only fly rod, fly reel, and fly line combination with an artificial fly or cast of artificial flies attached, and does not include the use of spinning, spincast, and casting rods and reels and lead core lines.

That being said, you can do what you want as long as you are not in designated fly fishing waters, or annoy me


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Fishing is just fishing; however, you choose. I’ve fished for many different species in many different ways. Just have Dang fun out there and enjoy the Great Outdoors and our Finned Friends. Regs observed, of course. Ed


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Can you show me this? I don't doubt you're correct, but I haven't seen it and I'm now wondering if I have inadvertently not followed the regs.

Check the body of water regs for this specific rule. If it is in effect, then it's 1 fly only. Happens every year on the Klickitat where tickets get written to those "fly fishing" bobber heros who run 2 beads. The interpretation can be tough as with most regs, but tickets get written for it so that's the interpretation I go with.

It also means you can't "drop shot" nymph. Any weight needs to be above the hook, and must be at least 12" away.



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on the same stretch of tidewater I've frequently fished with:
a fly fishing author who employs a centerpin outfit lined with mono, balsa float and 4" long 'SuperClousers'... he finds it pins more Kings than swinging...
a guy who uses a fly rod, type 3 line, swings synthetic herring softbaits, pins a lot of Kings..
a flyfishing guide who almost always put his clients onto fish, be interesting to know what he's squirting onto the flies from the little bottle kept in his jacket pocket

conversely, used to fish with a guy who'd strictly fish dries for bows, absolutely delighted with every hookup, never saw him stop grinning on the river even when he got zero takes while my indicator flies were stinging them...

guess we all gotta just do us...and call it what we want

Travis Bille

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My favorite is when it's not super windy, and I change my launch angle to that which would be similar to a spinning cast. man, it really flies. Every time I do that though, I think to myself that I shoulda just brought the spinning rod. It's still fun though.
I love it, I got mine this summer right before backpacking season and it's such a game changer!

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