Is it Really Flyfishing?

Tony Mull

My stepson Jeff and I had a conversation yesterday about fishing. He is an excellent gear fisherman in the local rivers and rarely comes home without his limit. I was telling him about some luck I've had recently from the saltwater beach use a fly and bubble setup on my spin casting rod. I've been meat fishing lately, and have been starting out with flies, but if its slow I turn to throwing twitching jigs. Taking both rods and a casting basket just turned into a hassle, so the spin rod it is. Well I told him I was fly fishing and he called bullshit. He says using a fly with a spin rod is spin fishing. I say using a fly is fly fishing. So around we went. He said casting with the fly rod is the essence of the sport. I countered with the example of trolling (bucktailing) with a fly rod. Is that flyfishing or just fishing with a fly rod? Well we both laughed and got me wondering, what really is flyfishing?
It's not fly casting but it meets the legal definition of flyfishing. Most are taken aback for what passes for flyfishing for salmon in Alaska. An ounce of lead. Still great fishing!

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