FS/T Rods and Reels sale/trade


deny self.
Looking to trade around - if you don’t have anything, cash of course works. I am also willing to buy the right items. Please ask for photos and will send them directly!

Galvan T-10 Black - (like new)
Sage Pulse 690 - (use but good)
Echo Compact Spey 8120 - (like new)

I am particularly looking for 4,5,6 weight reels. I am also a sucker for a Sage 691 Method, Orvis Helios, Winston, etc. let me know what you have regardless!

I’ve got a Sage One 697-4 (9’6” 6wt with FB) and Galvan T-6 reel & line I’ll be listing soon if you have any interest. Both are like new.
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