Beach Cannon?


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I've got this old Dan Craft FT 7wt that will most definitely reach out and touch's faster than fast.

I also have an Orvis H3 8wt that will do the same but is a little more forgiving, hence more fun to cast.....

If I just want fun, then it sure as hell isn't graphite.


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My Echo Ion XLs, hands down. I have them in 6, 7, 8 and 9 wts. I've had to reach way out further than usual for some shots at bones I'd never have reached otherwise, and they roll cast like a dream for me. Fishing rivers with brushy banks and branches against your tempImagefsdbQg.png tempImage2nsBLy.png tempImagef9ivln.png back calls for a stick that can roll cast a heavy fly a long way and they do what I tell them to do.

Not the most glamorous rod, not even the top of the line for Echo, but I love them.


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I am a big fan of my Sage Ignitor 6 weight for this application. Also like my 7 weight Sage One as well. I pair this rod (as well as a 6 weight Sage Maverick and 8 weight Sage X) with type 3 OBS’s. I’m not saying I outcast everyone on the beach (I don’t) but these rods with this line are the best combo I have found for salmon in particular. I love my Scott Radian for SRC where casting big flies in wind is not the typical application.


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I can't and I sort of try to reach out there with my ignitor 6wt. Might need a different line, or probably a casting lesson or two.
I fish a 6wt 9'6" Igniter. About half my casts go the way I plan. It's definitely all in timing the double haul and forward stroke for me.
I find I don't let the rod do the work, using my own brute strength often.
When it all comes together though it is a cannon. This is with a Cortland Compact
Int/S3 line.


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I’ve been fishing the beach with a 9’ 7wt Ion XL and I’ve been happy with it. I went with a longish belly line for other fishing applications and the long rear taper is pretty nice with a water haul or two to get it moving. Doesn’t work for steeper beaches, though. I might get a beach-specific line and spool next year.

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I've had a 10' 7 wt Ion then Ion XL replacement for many years and have been very happy with it. Though I generally only use it during Coho season. Otherwise I use a 6wt.


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Man, I really need to fish with one of you who can "easily cast into the backing". I feel like i'm decent with the stick, but even from a boat with no worry of hitting my back-cast can I get into my backing. I'd love to see it happen and try to compare what I'm doing different/wrong.

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