Rod overboard on Cowlitz


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I lost a rod/reel on the Cowlitz today, about a mile above Mission Bar. ACR 11’ 3 wt Spey with an old Abel No 2 on it. Poor management on my part in my little boat. i know it’s a long shot, but I can be reached here or at 503-505-4107. Thanks,


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There is always hope.
My buddy got a rod back out of there after four months in the river.
You might consider posting this on some of the bigger gear fishing boards if you haven’t done so already. It will increase your chances of getting it back if someone finds it.
I hope you get it back.


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Sorry for your lose. besides that how was fishing or no fishing due to lost rod?
No steelhead today but SRC fishing was decent On swung wet flies. Flow bump from 2600 to 3100 last night probably didn’t help. Supposed to drop again though for the weekend.


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I was on the cow Sunday, did the dam to blue creek float and didn’t get a bite. A few single hand folks were getting srcs. Good luck getting the rod back!


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Good luck on recovering your rod!
I lost my NRX last August (2020) in about the same area, perhaps a little further up river....still looking for it.

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