SOLD Galvan T-6 Reel - Black - $265

Almost new with only one small rub on the rim of the spool as shown. Comes with backing and case.

Price is shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.

09FC3B7C-6CE5-41CA-A762-CB1C75664314.jpeg 1F9D73EF-CEE2-4053-88D2-221F3E0B5D7D.jpeg 2D6A9E5C-ACB7-4234-A44F-3054F5BFDE63.jpeg D0A9C18D-9C40-40AB-A2E2-6E8B2E0588D1.jpeg F313AB9B-B2D1-4C62-AF55-C866290235E9.jpeg 5C8A98FD-B850-49F3-99CF-C6CFF85318BB.jpeg 10720D8D-0CF2-4DCA-A5B2-0E1F79C1279E.jpeg
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