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Tights Lines
Selling a reel and some fly lines I have laying around. The reel is in excellent condition and comes in the original packaging. All lines are new and in the original packaging. Price includes shipping in the lower 48, extra if I need to ship elsewhere. Venmo or Crypto are preferred methods of payment. You can also do PayPal but the buyer covers the fees.

Reel :

Hatch Finatic 7 Plus - Blue/Silver with matching extra spool both spooled with hatch 50 lb. premium gelspun backing primary has 250 yds and the spool has 150 yds ($100 worth of backing) both come in the original box - full retail with tax $1,215.50 - Asking $800

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Lines :

Airflo Tropical Punch - WF12F - $65

Airflo Tropical Punch - WF10F - $65

Airflo Tropical Punch - WF8F - $65

Cortland Compact Float - WF 9/10F - 350 GR - $68 - SOLD

Cortland Compact Sink - WF 9/10F - 350 GR - $68

Cortland Compact Intermediate - WF 7/8F - 275 GR - $68 - SOLD

Scientific Anglers Magnum Frequency- WF8F - $45 - SOLD
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PM sent for Cortland Compact Sink - WF 9/10F - 350 GR. Thanks.

Please disregard. I do not prefer to pay with friends and family or add additional fee. Please consider listing what exactly you want. Thanks again.
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Tights Lines
Sorry Jimbo. Venmo doesn’t charge fees. I’m not a business. If you prefer PayPal you can cover the fees and I will make a note of it in the post. I’ve sold a number of things on here over the years and I’ve never eaten the PayPal fees.

Tight Lines!
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Slimy Deck

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how do you like the compact float?
I'll let you know after it gets tested through Oct/Nov getting stretched by NC outer banks false albacore. It has big shoes to fill following a Rio outbound short having beaten down several dozen tunas over the last 2 yrs and remains serviceable but going into a backup role.

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