northern lights have seen queer sights

I went to Golden Gardens at tide change yesterday afternoon. A regular there, who converted a 9.5 foot fly rod to a 10.5 foot spinning rod with which he can launch a spoon a mile, reported a weird happening the evening past. A young guy hooked a big fish with a short rod and four pound mono. He eventually lost the fish but not before fouling up the fishing for the others. So, my friend says, when things quieted down he made a cast with his spoon that he took a little pride in for distance and began counting 1001, 1002, 1003. He heard a splash and looked up to see an Osprey rise from the water with his silver and pearl spoon in hand. He heaved once, twice, and the Osprey let go. Man he said, I've never seen anything like that. This guy was plenty talkative yesterday, but I eventually broke a little ways away and started to fish.

Then my friend comes down to my safe sided and asked questions about leaders and flys and lines and rods, seems like he has done some fly fishing as he was wanting to know how I tie my leaders. I showed him the taper I was using to turn over Lelands Beach Popper. I showed him how well it does by making a cast that I took a little pride in. I hear a squawk and look back to see a gull alight on the popper and take off with it. I jerked it free, it fell to the water, and the gull went after it again. The bird didn't get it that time.

Queer sights. Oh, I didn't catch any fish.

Pretty bizzare. If it were me, I think I would stay away from that guy; kind of creepy.

Either that, or have him pick the numbers for my next lotto ticket. :)
That report reminded me of my outing on the north end of the Hood Canal last weekend. My second cast with beach popper tied on landed and within two strips a HUGE swirl behind my fly. Then about 3 seconds later a juvenile seal pops its head up to give me a look like "That wasnt a fish!!" Between that and seeing a ratfish feeding at my feet.....that was a bit of a weird day as well....



Can't tell you how many birds I've hooked out at Neah Bay, it's got to the point where the fish checkers have a slot on their paperwork to ask you how many birds you caught and what type of birds they were.

I once fished a bait ball that I was sure salmon had pushed together, turns out it was a bunch of brown diving birds, guess what I hooked... twice... After the 2nd time I knew it was time to move!