Leech Lake on White Pass Closed?


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It looks like Forrest Fire nearby has closed the campground.

Can people still fish at the lake as long as they do not camp overnight?

On a diff but related subject, the fire appears to be dangerously close to my childhood cabin near the Bumping and American Rivers

I don’t know what it really means when it says area status closed, but the campground table indicates operation open.

My understanding was that the Nat forest closure boundary was the PCT there, which might in principle leave the boat launch and CG open.

But I would call the NF office in Naches.

Beginning at the point where Highway 12 intersects the OWNF boundary on the east section line of T14R15S13, the closure boundary proceeds along the OWNF boundary in a northerly direction until it intersects the Naches River. The boundary follows the Naches River north until it intersects the Bumping River. The boundary follows the Bumping River west until it intersects the American River. The boundary continues west along the American River until it meets the northeast corner of the William O. Douglas Wilderness boundary. The boundary goes along the eastern boundary of the Wilderness southwesterly to the intersection with the 971 trail. The boundary follows the 971 trail until it intersects with the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The boundary continues south on the PCT until it intersects Highway 12. At points where the PCT crosses into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest (GPNF) to the west, the closure boundary remains aligned with the OWNF boundary. This closure does not include the GPNF. The closure boundary follows Highway 12 east and is complete at its point of origin at the intersection of Highway 12 and the OWNF boundary, on the east section line of T14R15S13.

Chris Bailey

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The closures have been fairly fluid. I think they are trying to open things up when it makes sense. I was able to access my cabin for a few days over Labor Day, but the fire blew up on the northwest side late last week so I'm shut out again. My biggest complaint is that you really need to follow the Schneider Springs page on Facebook for the latest info, and a lot of people don't use Facebook. The closure map and text on the USFS Naches ranger district web page is 2 weeks old and out of date. The latest map (attached) shows Leech Lake just outside the current yellow closure area.


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Jerry Metcalf

I talked to USFS Naches on the phone. The desk person talked with the supervisor and he said he had ordered the gate closed. So if it is still open, it won't be soon. Looks like it is done for the season.

Maybe getting a rest will be good for the lake, it has gotten pretty sad this year.

Jim Travers

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Might have to write in an add on to my Main Amendment for fire related situations. In fire related situations, weather or not a reg is WAIVED will be determined by the individual's risk tolerance. You see, this way if you believe it to be open or closed based upon fires raging in the vicinities, that's what it is!!!

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