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When I worked at Orvis, one of the better casters I've seen in the parking lot was this 8 year old kid who would come in with his dad (he was a far better caster than his dad) and his dad just started him with a rod that he'd use for longer than him being a young kid. 9' 5wt.

On the occasions I've taken my kiddo out (he shows zero interest in actually fishing) I rigged up my Steffen 5/6 and it's truly amazing how quickly he'd get the timing down & how easy it was for him to cast it (this was when he was 7).

Point being, while it's great there are "kid specific" fly rods, IMO, starting a kid out with something that they'll use after they cease being kids isn't a terrible way to go. There aren't many standard 5wts that wouldn't be suitable for a youngster.

Personally if it were me, I'd be looking for something in the 5wt range that will be incredibly durable & easy to feel the load (e.g. glass--and not just because I'm a glass guy, but because it's going to be the best for someone just starting out).
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For what its worth my boys started with echo geckos when the were 5 or 6. Then I bought them 10' 3wt Orvis Clearwater's. I taught them to roll cast and a simple snap t. I can also put on a SA euro kit and they can contact nymph. Clearwater's also overhead cast really easily. Maybe not an orthodox approach, but now 5 years on they can hold there own and catch fish in most circumstances ( Some days they out fish me, which is every dad's goal right?) I also spend a lot less time trying to retrieve flies from trees and rebuilding leaders. It is fun to watch them progress and get fired up!


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a 7yo might outgrow a Gecko quickly, but it's a good starter choice.

an 8' redington CT 4wt would be a great option that would grow along with the kiddo...

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a Cabela's ccr glass rod might be the ticket. As for outgrowing a Echo Gecko rod every morning I look in the mirror at a 61 year old kid that fishes one in small creeks when I'm not using a Tenkra rod

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