Do you wax your rod….


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I wax all my rods, finds it much easier to take apart. Never had a problem with them slipping apart or dust/dirt collecting either.

Recently sent a rod to Scott for service on the cork handle and it was sent back with a note that wax was removed, besides the cork work.
I took that as someone at Scott wagging their finger at me haha

I use candle wax.


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My wife bought me an old book from Left Kreh called Lefty’s Little Tips. He says to
use candle wax, bees wax is to tacky, and tends to pick up dirt, paraffin wares off to quick. I always wax my rods, as I don’t fish even close to as much as some of you guys I only wax at the start of the season, but then my switch rod stays assembled almost all season

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Waxing does work. Some rods need it more than others. Generally this is a result of improper fitting ferrules. In two handed rods it can become very pronounced and in some cases a clicking sound can be heard from a ferrule section. Wax wont help that scenario. A light dab of epoxy and a fine round file will fix it but its not for the faint of heart.

When using wax on rod ferrules use very little and take the time to heat it up with a heat lamp to let it flow and spread evenly.


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Candle wax and electrical tape. That was the standard for everyone back in the old days in the UK with big ugly Spey rods. If you didn’t, you’d either have a rod that would come apart when you didn’t want it to or one that didn’t come apart when you did want it to.


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For my longer rods (13'6" +) I use candle wax. I've had a ferule split due to the sections coming apart. Longer rods are more susceptable to sections coming apart.


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I wax just so I can get the sections to separate. I've damaged more rods trying to get them unstuck and broken down than anything else. Love 2 piece rods. I leave my 4 piece rods together and use as a two piece. Echo Rods has a warning about taping your ferrules, they'll come and steal your bacon...

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