Do you wax your rod….


Feckin eejit
Only because stuck ferrules have been mentioned many times. I had a ferrule jammed and couldn't get it apart. Ran hot tap water over the female ferrule for a short time, being careful to keep it away from the male side as much as possible, and eventually the rod popped apart easily.


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I use a wee smudge of chapstick. Cheap, easy to use, conveniently packaged and does the job well.
I use the raspberry chapstick!! A little TMI i know.. works as an attractant on your fly too!!
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Never waxed, just jam the male into the female dry as can be.

I do take them into the shower with me after the fishing bender is over, we like that warm soapy cleanup after all the rough housing

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when I do, it's only with the best..


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