Late season pattern adjustment for beach coho?


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I am curious if anyone adjusts their summer pattern selection toward the end of September for beach coho. I'm not referring to staging fish or waiting period patterns. Rather, if you're fishing "typical" summer beaches characterized by points, tide rips, etc., do you change up your selection at all this time of year?

Like lots and lots of others, my go tos include 3-4 inch chart/pink, chart/white, pink/pink, etc. clousers. Work and life in general have kept me off the beaches most of the month and I'm just wondering if I should consider changing it up at all before I head back out there another time or two once the forecast improves.




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I’ve been playing with narrowing down to one fly for Sound fishing this year, unless it’s just clearly not working and the fish are there. For me that fly has been a stinger clouser. It has produced coho and sea runs in every season of 2020, and pinks when I’ve gone for them.

Edit brought to mind by Jasmillo: Also, I’ve been experimenting with not tying the white on a clouser at all. Seems to not hurt the flies’ effectiveness, and saves material.
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I fish clousers all through beach season. Stinger clousers all of August and September. I do play around a bit with color late sometimes. I have been fishing a very sparsely tied yellow and white pattern that has produced very well the last couple of weeks. Not convinced it’s the color versus the sparseness, versus just confidence making the difference though.

There are some situations that occur on the beach that make me wonder if a different selection would help. Like those random days when herring guys are crushing it and fly guys are not. More flashy? Different profile? Start brining my flies :). I don’t know. I don’t think there is a magic bullet. I’d imagine when it comes to beach fish, although you’ll definitely catch fish on different patterns, the good old clouser will likely produce as well as anything until the season closes.

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Unless I'm playing with staging fish, which I really don't do anymore, I fish one fly start of the season till the end. I do not change it. Ever. Ive never seen the need and at this point I just can't be convinced that it matters.

Fish what you have confidence in, and don't over think it.


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I don't think a clouser is ever the wrong answer for adult (not staging) coho. As others have said, stingers as the fish get more nippy. I use different colors and sometimes deceiver type patterns too just based on mood. I'm not sure it matters to the fish. Maybe because I'm in the fall mood, but I've had good success with orange clousers in late season the last couple years. Again, not sure it matters to the fish, but if you're someone who has to swap flies to stay confident it's another good color option for the box.

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