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After spending yesterday in a boat with my felt soles, it has really become clear I need a pair of boots to go with my waders that are not felt, not metal cleats but more like a regular boot sole for walking. These would not be for stream wading (I already have a nice pair of felt soles where felt is still OK) but for times I am walking, in the boat or fishing in my pontoon. I am size 9.5 in regular shoes and in Portland area. Even if you don't have a pair to sell, I'd be interested in recs for good boots.


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I think I have cabelas size 10 sneakers with hard soles. Used but useless in basement. Good shape. Used 2, 3 times. They were tight on me.


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Hi-Tech high-top light hiking boots work pretty well, one size up to fit with waders.

curtis bias

I wear Korkers and swap soles. It takes a little while to break them in and they feel really stiff at first. After about 2 days of use, they soften up and become quite comfortable. The rubber soles are terrible in rocky rivers. The aluminum hex disks look cool too, but are a bit slippery on slumy, wet rocks. I stick to felt in the river or studded felt. I use the rubber soles for hiking in, or in a boat.

If I'm going to the lake or pond hopping, I wear a steel toed rubber boot that I pick up at our local sporting goods store. I had a pair of really expensive Columbia rubber boots ($100) with neoprene tops that wore out more quickly than I care to admit. I bought the mid priced rubber boots with steel toes and they have lasted. Be sure to look for the ones with memory foam insoles. You should pay around 30 - 35 bucks for them. At least, that is what they cost at our local Academy sporting goods store.

Johnathon Quarrell

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Korkers are best for what you describe. One pair of boots with multiple sole options. I personally use the devils canyon boots. 1.5 years heavy use no issues. I swap between soles all the time depending what boat I’m using or where I’m fishing.


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They dusty in the garage and look bad bu really not much use. It says 11 though


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