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I think you missing a far more serious point! It makes no sense to invite Nuclear Proliferation from a country that once promoted deescalation the Nuclear Arms Race. It was the hope of many that we would try to rebuild trust with countries that rightfully turned their backs on us during a time of populism.
These nuclear powered submarines will not release carbon dioxide, unlike the French diesel subs. You should be celebrating. Australia knows how to best defend its territories.


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That's why I would ra

Your definition of international safeguards?
Not my definition but one that is plausible.
  • The international safeguards system has since 1970 successfully prevented the diversion of fissile materials into weapons. Its scope has been widened to address undeclared nuclear activities. The IAEA undertakes regular inspections of civil nuclear facilities and audits the movement of nuclear materials through them.
And what would yours be?

Brian Miller

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Off topic, but since you mentioned accordions....
How do you define a gentleman?
A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion, but declines to do so.
Oh man, I Love accordion :(

One can substitute bagpipes, harmonicas, and tubas as desired for accordians.

Can I still be Kool if I play (tenor) banjo for Dixieland and Ragtime music?


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These nuclear powered submarines will not release carbon dioxide, unlike the French diesel subs. You should be celebrating. Australia knows how to best defend its territories.
Deflect, deflect, and deflect again does not erase the proliferation point.

Jack MeHoff

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Sons of Boot are US made, but Boot hisself?
Nope.... Imported....
Studied up for my citizenship exam by watching Schoolhouse Rock and studying Nicholas Cage's National Treasure documentaries.

Used to live around the corner from the following businesses:

Slave to the Needle Tattoo
Bong Shop
Accordion Shop
Comic store
Milanos pizza
Wine World
Pudge Brothers Pizza

If I was a recent immigrant these would be my frames of reference. But back to the Accordions- Eight years living there I never saw anyone go in or out of the accordion shop.

Of that list can you predict who did the best, who among them expanded their franchises?

That's right....


This immigrant's take out lesson was....

America loves Dicks!
typical Wallingford, that's one interesting neighborhood ,


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I'm not so sure about that. There is a general trend of higher obesity rates existing in poor communities. Low-income communities are more likely to have reduced access to resources, lower food quality and food insecurity, and poor living conditions.

There are fewer parks and recreational facilities in their neighborhoods. They also tend to experience higher levels of crime and violence, which can make outdoor activity more restrictive. All of these factors contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle, which is a major contributing factor to obesity.

Low-income families are more likely to be food insecure, meaning they do not always have the means to eat regularly. Even when they aren’t food insecure, many cannot afford fresh food, instead having to buy heavily processed items.

Bottom line; eating unhealthy foods with little activity = obesity.

There are certainly other factors that may lead to obesity but just wanted to provide you with some food for thought. My source was from an article "Link between poverty and Obesity" by the Community Action Agency which is a group dedicated to fighting poverty.

I don't see this situation getting much better according to this chart.


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