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Looking for any feedback recs on guides and lodges/ lodging for the Skeena next summer. My dad turns 60 this year, and I am looking to give him the trip of a lifetime. We've done Kenai Pen together a couple of times. Looking to up the quality of fish, and reduce the quantity of people. Thanks!


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+1 for the Nicholas Dean and Spey Lodge in Terrace, BC

Have you looked into the Skeena River Lodge or have you considered the Dean River System..? Never been there before but I've heard they're both outstanding destinations..



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I suggest looking at Skeena Spey lodge.

Anyone I have spoken to who has been say the staff, lodgings, food and most important fishing are top of the line.

I should note I have never been personally but that's only due to the cost associated.

If I was going to a lodge on the Skeena watershed that's where I'd end up though.

I say this only because I was fortunate enough to fish with and learn from Brian Niska when he was still in Squamish/Whistler and I was a teenage fishbum working construction out there.

I loitered everyday in his shop and his generosity, patience and willingness to teach is not lost on me years later having met and worked with many guides and industry characters since.

His knowledge of the game was top notch even back then.

Eventually he set me up with some gear, took me with him to a few rivers to show me the ropes, and even arranged for his buddy to take me on a once in a lifetime trip at cost of gasoline.

All I can say is he's a great guy and an awesome guide/instructor.

Long and short, dude went well out of his way for a young Ontario guy with limited resources who just wanted to fish and learn to spey cast out west.

That was a long time ago and I still remember it clear as day so I can only imagine how he treats his clients years later now that he's got the spot on the Skeena.

I also understand that the lodge and its staff are extremely active and involved in multiple grass roots community conservation/preservation efforts surrounding not just steelhead but the watershed as a whole.

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If it were me, based on my limited knowledge. I'd go to the Babine Norlakes lodge... no chance of blown out rivers which has happened to me on both my trips to Skeena country.

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Have you looked at the fish numbers on the Skeena? They are in the tank. Next year might be better, but it’s something to consider.


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If it were me, based on my limited knowledge. I'd go to the Baines Norlakes lodge... no chance of blown out rivers which has happened to me on both my trips to Sheena country.
Are you referring to the "Babine Norlakes Steelhead Camp" in British Columbia..? I did a google search for "Baines Norlakes lodge" but nothing came up..


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I'll second Skeena Spey. My dad and I went a few years ago when I turned 40 and he turned 75, Great trip. Accommodations and meals were top notch. The people and guides were better. They were awesome. We fished great water and while fishing was tough, we had a ton of fun.


paralysis via analysis
Have you looked at the fish numbers on the Skeena? They are in the tank. Next year might be better, but it’s something to consider.
Very true.
There is talk of never before seen measures being taken as a result.
Potentially even full closure like you guys have seen on many of your rivers.
Next year may fare no better and the people who spent a life's effort to be up there doing what they love, having already had to contend with travel restrictions etc., would appreciate any and all client support I'm sure.
I always wanted to go down through Washington St. and Oregon to steelhead and regret not doing it when I was living out west and had the opportunity.
Still would love to go just to see some of those rivers.
Ontario has great fishing and some beautiful water but can't compare overall from what I have seen of west coast watersheds and their inhabitants.
If numbers is your primary concern then maybe take the advice re: the Dean.
If your good with alternate species, still with the potential for a ghost or two mixed in, and all the other satisfactions that come with a day on the river the Skeena system sure is beautiful.

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I've been to Spey Lodge in Terrace for both chinook and steelhead. Both were great times. Not cheap by any means but Wally was a great host and the guides worked really hard to make sure we had a memorable experience. Caught a bunch of fish, lost a huge steelhead right next to the bank and watched my fishing partner nearly get spooled by a chinook the size of a dolphin that could not be stopped by a 14' 9wt with a Mako reel.

The downside is that the food was too good. LOL Breakfast was solid, river lunch was excellent but damn the dinners were off the hook. About 3:00PM every day I started day dreaming about dinner and ate myself silly every night. Even when the catching was slow, it was worth the daily rate to relax on the river with everything taken care of and come back to that dinner paired with wine and conversation with anglers from all over the world.

Scary bears on some of the more remote rivers they fish so don't get caught with your waders down like I did (literally).

If it's still like it was when I was there, if you set reasonable expectations about catching and enjoy the experience, you'll have a great time. I have close friends with lots of experience that swear by the Babine Steelhead Lodge but prime slots can be hard to get. I was actually supposed to be there this week but all fishing budget got sucked up by a new house on my favorite WA river.

Good times, hope y'all have an amazing experience wherever you go!



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