Trip Report Sawtooth Wilderness Walk

Those darn 63 year olds, where are their mothers?

My high school class mates and I returned yesterday from an alpine adventure in the Sawtooth, north of Chelan. We hiked in 4.5 miles trail, 1.5 miles cross country and climbed 3,400ft in elevation to access some fine cutthroat fishing.

The weather was brutal to start. We all suffered pre-hypothermic effects on the way in last Friday. Weather improved, albeit cool and breezy. But bolstered by a good fire and whiskey, we survived. Taters and trout is a fine meal.

The fish were willing, strong and in good condition. Balanced leeches under an indicator were a killer. BB27FBA6-A220-4D36-89BC-6E9168C8D6A3.jpeg 6958C32A-E086-4D2B-BC1C-5AB6758CB9B1.jpeg E2C8B4D6-19B3-4D11-9AE8-CFA7A30A4509.jpeg 6E7B21C5-D6BE-47FE-830D-4D81F21D4E78.jpeg B9D16A76-7897-4195-BA73-D310201F3606.jpeg CA71731B-581E-400B-8AC6-B5AC70C9B59B.jpeg

O' Clarkii Stomias

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I used to think that the constant chill of a minimalist trip was what it felt to be truly alive. Not so much anymore. Way to go at 63! And a great report!

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