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It is still a magazine that (apparently in an effort to be relevant) hotspots small streams that can’t handle nationally famous type exposure. Examples from the past include the - well I won’t say, but the Root in MN is a prime example. Small river bass fisherman there all have heard of the river. This doesn’t mean that the whole country needs to be aware of it and people there who are too lazy to find out more by exploring and using aps and maps don’t need the help either. Nice pictures yes but why can’t the magazines be focused on techniques and the Madison, fly fishing the Great Lakes or smallmouth on the Columbia instead of various small fisheries.
Because if this issue, IMO this magazine stinks and so did NW fly fishing.

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I quit reading those rags a long time ago. I just went out exploring to find my good water. If I came back to your state I could probably find many spots on Skinny water. It's not hard. You just have to get out.

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Exactly correct. I started with the magazine from the very first issue ... when it was dedicated as NW Fly Fishing. Then expanded. And, then, like many paper publications was forced to consolidate to survive.

It certainly did not have anything to do with the untimely death of my virtual friend, Jon Luke, who died due to a blood infection from a wound he suffered while fishing.

The magazine, while no longer dedicated to just the Pacific NW, is still a top quality publication with excellent photos. I'm proud to have been a part of the publication since day one.

Good cartoons too, wherever do they find them?



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I suspect the combination of the various regional versions is more about how rough the print magazine industry is these days. And hell, for all we know, outdoor industry advertising budgets got slashed in the chaos of 2020.

While I still enjoy reading them, I sure wouldn't invest in a print magazine these days.

I do hope that someday I can get all the back issues on NWFF in a digital download format. I'd pay for that.

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