Fished above The Dalles Dam last Sunday

Shawn West

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My buddy and I decided to fish above The Dalles Dam this past Sunday. The weather forecast called for a chance of rain, with stronger winds expected around 1PM. We came to our first hurdle at the 197 bridge. It is closed for construction. We had to drive east to cross at the next bridge. The water temperature was 68 degrees. I started off throwing a deer hair slider. I was getting strikes, but they were very small bass. I switched over to a streamer. My friend has three fish to his pontoon before I even hooked a fish. The fishing was slow for about the first hour on the water.

I decided it was time to switch to a crawdad Simiseal Leech and fish a little deeper. I was fishing a type 6 full sinking line. I would count down to about 24 before animating my fly. Fishing deeper payed off very well for me. I started catching bass in the 14" + range. My largest fish to net was a chubby 3.5 pound smallie. We had to stay close to the cover provided by the brush on shore. If we wandered out to far, the wind would carry our pontoons way out of position. White caps started to form, so we decided to end our day on the water. I managed to land twenty-two bass. It turned out to be a very nice morning to be in the Gorge. There will not be too many more of those left for 2021.

Can't wait to get back out on the water.


Columbia River smallies are a tasty fish.

I filet em, & then when I cook them, I sprinkle a little salt & pepper on each side, & pan sauté the filets unbreaded in a frypan w/ a little bit of olive oil.

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