FS Orvis Recon 762-4 (7’6” 2wt 4pc) Fly Rod

As new. Only fished once. Very slow, full-flexing action with light weight makes for a dream to cast. It’s a bit longer than what I want so looking to move along. Rod is registered. Comes with original sock and case. MSRP $549 + tax!

Price is shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.
22173136-5588-49E6-B595-9C884C3AB7DB.jpeg 32C22F73-84D5-4259-8631-8A7FA650C393.jpeg FBAC5285-5393-4E9A-823E-6D98390C1473.jpeg AEF67DA4-6453-4A55-857B-33C5D4B9B6DE.jpeg 3674ADDC-7D23-44EF-8348-1163236623F3.jpeg 283AE9E0-BA40-4F75-A608-0AF7B76D6F6A.jpeg
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