Fall Fishing Thread


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No pix, but I spent three days on the Metolius, learned some things (mostly about how much more I have to learn to fish it effectively), and caught a few fish, mostly on green drakes. Then spent a productive day at a Sisters area lake at 6500'. Counted 8 people fishing bait; my catch was all rainbows, biggest slightly over 20". Snow was present on the rim immediately above the lake, and I saw one very lonely mayfly floating along at about 3 PM. Biggest fish was on a leech, most of others on a prince nymph.


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Upper river for the win.



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I fished spiders today too. A real one hitchhiked back on my waders and actually got a good start on a web from my rod tip to the passenger window before I noticed it. The only fish I got was on an orange spade style pattern fly though. 1/2 on SRC, 2/3 on throwing away discarded sandals on the river bar, 2/2 on calling in guys who mistook the section of river I was on as being under the "snagging pinks only" regulations.

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