Fall Fishing Thread


With the hot summer, to me it felt like it took a long time for the Fall Season to start (most likely due to the anticipation). I didn't get out much during the summer due to the heat, drought but had a good start to Autumn in a few CO Stillwaters a couple of weeks ago...


Tiger_1.jpg Brown_2.jpg Brown_1.jpg Rainbow_1.jpg Brookie.jpg Tiger_2.jpg


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A nice, peaceful fall day at the lake. 20210929_112748.jpg
No summer kill, but since they were closed this summer, not enough feed for them all to put on much weight. A black wooly bugger on a sink tip was OK, however the brown simi seal leach under the indicator was better.
20210929_112229 (2).jpg
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Spent my birthday Monday floating the Farmlands with my buddy Hooper and Leif from Red's. We threw big meat articulated streamers all day long, and put some real big fish in the net, and lost even more on LDR. It was a lovely rainy day and we had a blast with lots of fish play.
Ringing in my double nickel year with a bevy of beauties to hand was just FINE! :)

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