Fiberglass Sage B 686 SFL info request


Hi all,

I picked up an old, as far as I can tell 78/79 Sage B686SFL.

What I know is:
- Original Sage fiberglass rod - no serial, number so pre-1980, could the wraps over the hook keeper be covering one? I don't know where the serial number was placed.
- Sold as blank (B), custom wraps
- Wraps and guides are in great shape.
- cork in near perfect
- only visible wear is at the coupling and a surface blemish or two.
- Came with an equally old non matching Fenwick tube, no sock.

Should I keep this rod or just sell it? I'm apt to sell it as I have a quiver of rods and fear this would spend another 40 years in a closet. I'm sure I'd fish it a bit, but it would probably bring someone else a lot more joy. From what I can find this is a bit of a unicorn for fiberglass collectors.

I appreciate whatever info the fly hive mind may have to offer.



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I ran across a Sage B686SFL blank a few years ago and finished it out to look like a factory Sage, but once it was done it was much too fast of a rod for fast as my XP but shorter. To keep or sell just depends on what you like to cast. There are those who like that rod's action out there. I like my rods fuller flexing. Either way, those very early Sage blanks are pretty cool to come across.
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I have a Sage SFL 686 blank that was built up by a hobby builder. (as a blank they don't have serial numbers like the factory rods do). My build is nice enough that I wouldn't refinish it, but not nice enough that I won't fish it in the salt. I do agree with para_adams - it's a fast taper and I enjoy it mostly as a light saltwater / bass rod. I've caught Coho, SRC, smallmouth, chain pickerel and shad on it. Throws a line like a RIO 6WT Coastal Quickshooter quite well. As a hobby build you won't get much for it ($100-150) so I'd either make it your own project or keep it in the truck for fun 6wt streamer-type fishing when the need arises.


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I'd fish it, then make your decision. I've never fished a Sage glass, so I can't speak to that (but I've fished and own a ton of other glass...and it's fun as hell). You never know, it may just speak to you....or not.

As stated, unless there's information about the builder and it's a really well-known builder, it's probably in the range that SalterLee mentioned above.

Oh, throw up your query over on the Fiberglass flyrodders forum. There are a handful of folks over there who are literal glass historians.
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