WSDOT Name that ferry...ideas?


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i can remember climbing aboard that listing hulk. The decks inside and out had a fine layer of sand on them and you had to hang on to the walls and railings. I would compare it to walking an icey slope. All the furnishings had been removed.
Never seen a "wall' on a boat


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How about overpriced POS! I can say that because I worked at Todd shipyards in the 80’s building WSDOT super ferries.......:eek:
I was out back on that POS wood ways they dumped the boats in the bay when the quake hit, I was cussing under my hood @ the guy jumping on the staging, my bad, nobody there.....The cranes were doing a dance though.


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Drive Around
Your name could double for the 1979 Hood Canal Bridge - oh, that's right, they did have a ferry as a substitute for DOT's sunken bridge. (Driving around seemed easier.)

Thread drift: Heading to said Canal Monday (no ferry boats involved for my part of the journey), Keith is planning to meet us (ferry involved) at Runamuck at 0800 Tuesday..... wondering if the MV Whatever will make her sailing schedule.


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As I started reading this article, I became more and more annoyed. First at the lack of creativity in the finalist names, then at the fact there is a “7 person commission” pulled together to choose the finalist.

Then I got to the “Names submitted by the public that didn’t meet the cut” section of the article and my mood immediately changed. I think I just woke up my wife giggling at Boaty McBoatface….

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