Rod cracks?


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Do these seem like an issue? Noticed them on my sage accel today. They seem to only be on the epoxy and not in the graphite. I’ve never had the sections come loose and always keep them tight and clean. Maybe the two middle sections came slightly loose without me noticing?

6CF395C4-2AFD-4BFF-AFCB-410A18435560.jpeg 1B161412-463F-40C7-8911-BC5C9CB5F2AC.jpeg


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I’d just keep fishing it myself rather then be down a rod with all that is going on regarding repair turnaround times and supply chains issues.
If it eventually breaks, you’ll know it was an issue.
I’ve fished rods with worse issues than that for a long time without a problem.


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Thanks guys. I’ll probably just keep fishing it, lots of fishing left in the year so I don’t want to be out a rod for weeks. If it breaks I have to send it in anyway.


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I have a 8’ 4wt and 9’ 8wt. I use the 4wt for streams but could easily make it work. But for the big fish/flies in this lake I much prefer the 5wt.


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I’ve had that with a few sage TCX series rods and noticed it on my friends as well, I wondered if it’s more obvious on the colored blanks? Either way I never sent them in and also never had a problem even after many years of use.”if it ain’t broke….”


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Use electrical tape over the ferrule. I can't really see the cracks in the pictures.. could just be in the epoxy. Take it over to Sage or send them the pictures. Shouldn't be a problem and a good excuse to buy another rod!! LOL!

Also look on the inside of the ferrule and see if it's there. If it is I would send it in before it breaks!


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I honestly would not have even noticed that or cared if I had. Not saying that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s be part of the reason I will end up getting 4 rods repaired (so far) this year.

I feel manufacturers put way too much emphasis on performance and not nearly enough on durability these days. You see this especially in rods and lines in my opinion. Give me a rod or a line that produces 6 feet less casting distance but does not have to go in for repairs every year. Or give me a rod that weighs a quarter of an ounce more…. a line with a slightly less slick coat.

Then again, what’s their motivation. They get to market the next “big thing”, sell more fly lines and rods due to breakage and charge us for repairs while we’re left treating our fishing tools as if they’re as fragile as Faberge Eggs.

Whaaawhaaawhaaa…..I must be getting old ;).

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Ahh even the top of line materials'll break up when I PULL IN BIGS. look when pull hard on a Big there's alot of force being enacted
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I had a brand new Sage TCX splintered like that on a cast after two hours of fishing. I sent it to Sage for a repair and when I received it back I swear it looked like a kid did the warranty work - total garbage looking fix.

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