Trip Report Trip Report - Brown Town Creek

A 5:30AM Tuesday morning departure from Bozeman found me heading West to Brown Town Creek in front of a cold front barreling down from the Pacific Northwest. I cranked up one of my favorite playlists and listened at max volume to some epic Western movie themes as I made my way west. It is about an hour, twenty to the creek from the house and the impending cold front promised overcast skies for the duration of the morning. I got on the water about 1/2 hour before official sunrise with 45 degree air temps and 50 degree water. Almost a perfect scenario for some decent brown trout streamer fishing.
I hadn’t been on the creek since late June due to low water, but today the creek was running clear, but at least 6” higher than June. The higher water opened up a lot of pools, riffles and bank water that didn’t hold fish in June. It complicated wading a bit as the higher water softened up a lot of the muddy bank water and made some of the deeper riffles more challenging to cross. I was hoping the overcast skies and cool weather would bring out some BWOs but to no avail. A few showed around noon, but by then the west winds were freshening foretelling the impending rain from the West.
As its name suggests, Brown Town Creek is a predominantly brown trout watershed and in late September its time for brown trout sex and aggressive trout. Although redds weren’t that plentiful yet, the bigger browns were buttered up and boasted color schemes matching the yellowing willows, grasses and cottonwoods. There’s always a chance at a 19-20”+ brown anytime you fish Brown Town Creek but today was special. I hooked more than I landed but the big fish haunted just about every riffle, run and pool I tossed a the streamer in. The strong bubble lines along the deep outer bends held big fish staging for the spawn. There are not a lot of small fish in Brown Town Creek, but just about every one of those little ones I managed to hook today were chased by a big buttery brown out of the depths.
BZN91127.JPG BZN91133.JPG BZN91136.JPG
I was off the water by 1PM after beating up on dozens of big browns over two miles of river and headed home. It was now in the mid-60s and rain likely within the hour, but within 36 hours temps will fall into the mid-20s significantly limiting fishing this creek further into the Fall. As I made my way home, I again cranked up the Western movie theme music which motivates me to fish and explore SW Montana. I give it a bit of credit for my fishing success. I won’t hotspot, but will “hot song” so to speak. Here’s my “Cowboy1” playlist. Load these up, crank up the volume and enjoy as you wind your way through the mountains and valleys of SW Montana. Fishing success guaranteed.

  • Under the Boat, (Quigley Down Under)
    The Fire, (Quigley Down Under)
    Matthew Quigley / End Credits, (Quigley Down Under)
    Stagecoach, (The Greatest Movie Themes,)
    The Big Country, (The Greatest Movie Themes)
    The Magnificent Seven (The Greatest Movie Themes)
    Jim's Ride, (The Man from Snowy River)
    The Chase, (The Man from Snowy River)
    Main Theme, (The Man from Snowy River)
    Jim Brings In the Brumbies, (The Man from Snowy River)
    Rodeo - Four Dance Episodes (Instrumental)
    Tornado In the Barracks, (The Mask of Zorro)
    The Drover's Ballad, (Australia)
    No Man Hires Me, No Man Fires Me (Australia)
    Oklahoma Territory (Far and Away)
    The Land Race, (Far and Away)
    The Race To the River, (Far and Away)
    Silverado, (Cinemagic)
    The Magnificent Seven, (The Greatest Movie Themes)
    Jim Brings In the Brumbies, (The Man from Snowy River)
    Oklahoma Territory (Far and Away)
    Texas Rising Suite (From “Texas Rising” Mini Series)
    Mexican Ambush (From “Texas Rising” Mini Series )
    Emily Rescue (From “Texas Rising” Mini Series )
    Texas Rising Main Title (From “Texas Rising” Mini Series )
    Come To the Bower (From “Texas Rising” Mini Series )
    Theme from "the Sons of Katie Elder”
    Theme from "the Cowboys”
    Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (From "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid")
    Red River Crossing (Red River)
    The Drive moves North (Red River)
    Theme From The Return Of The Magnificent Seven
    How The West Was Won

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