FS Orvis Hydros Power Taper WF5F Fly Line - Reduced

I am selling an Orvis Hydros Power Taper WF5F fly line. I don't know the entire history of the line as it came loaded on a reel I purchased used, but.... In looking at the factory loop on the tip end it does appear that a leader was attached (the coating does not appear to be cracked, but there are slight depressions from a leader loop), but other than that and while I didn't inspect every inch of the line no other signs of use jumped out at me. As mentioned, the factory loop on the tip end is intact; there is no loop at the end of the running line (not sure if it was cut off or there was never one to begin with). In looking up the details of the line online, the line is a half-size heavy and textured--when I was taking the line off the reel the tip section looked and felt textured, but at some point the line becomes smooth (or at least it felt smoother). The color of the line is yellow. The original MSRP was $80. Asking $28 shipped within the CONUS. Payment by PayPal. Please PM if interested.
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