FS ~ Lamson guru’s ~ 2.0 ( couple choices ) series 1 & 2 … with new lines. ~


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9027D775-490F-4379-B2FE-DCE331F49482.jpeg Thanks for looking.
Since moving I seldom trout fish…. Maybe someone cane ice these.

Series 2 has new wff5 cortland big shot loop end. Reel is in very excellent condition..like new. And I don’t say that often, I’m actually not even sure I ever used it the line is brand new I put it on the spring
129. No line. 159 with line. Line alone was 60.00
Guru series 1. Been a great reel ..signs of use but in great cond …has new cortland 444 classic modern trout wff6 line.
129. No line. 159 with line.
PayPal or Venmo. Many thx. Jim


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Prices are picked up n h.
Or add 9.89 shipping. The postage rates just went up. Thank you Jim

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