a little help around Spokane


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I just moved out from seattle to spokane and would like some advice on rivers to check out here. If anyone could help me out, that'd be awesome cause I have no clue where to start.

Scott Salzer

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Check out the eastside river discussion below. There are some good FF shops in Spokane that can offer you some advice. I'm sure that you will get other comments. You have some nice waters around you. Pick up a Gazette, fill the tank, fly gear in the back and hit the road! I would tend to head north, north west on your forays.
Chuck, Spokane is one of the best places to homebase out of. You can fish the Spokane River, all the lakes or head west to the Yakime,east to North Idaho or western Montana. Tons of good fishing from 10 minutes to 3 hours away. Depends on what you want. Email me for more specifics. Tim


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If you want to fish close to home a good choice is the Spokane River. There is easy access along most of the river thanks to the Centennial Trail. My favorite section is downstream from the city in Riverside State Park near the Bowl and Pitcher. Or if you have the time head over to the St. Joe in Idaho (3hr. drive). There are lots of hungry cuts that are eager to take a dry.


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hey Bascoe,
Thanks for getting back to me. I'd like to find some places within an hour or so of town where I can get to most of the holes from the bank or use waders to get further out. hopefully you know of some places where i could look to get started.
thanks man
Chuck, Try the Menach Bridge area both sides of the bridge. Also if you drive through Riverside State Park you will see a lot of good water and there are fish. My son and I just got back. Fished 2 hours and each brought 5 to hand plus missed s few more. Also Browns lake up norht looks low on the posted picture so you can walk around it and find the fish cruising the banks. It will really start turning on in the next few weeks and into October. Renegades or Royal Wolfs are the bomb there. Tim :THUMBSUP