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Hey everyone,

Cleaning out a bit of stuff. Prices are including shipping and PayPal fees. Welcome to meeting up if your local to Bainbridge/Seattle.

Orvis Superfine Glass 476 - SOLD
Echo Carbon XL 3100 - SOLD
Winston Biii+ 691 - SOLD
Sage Pulse 690 - SOLD
Echo Compact Spey 8120 - $265(unused)
Winston Kairos 890 - SOLD
Winston Nimbus 1090 - SOLD
Sage Salt 691 - SOLD
Sage Xi3 890 - SOLD
Sage Xi2 1090 - SOLD
Orvis Hydros 3/4 - SOLD
Galvan T-10 - SOLD
Lamson Guru 5/6 - SOLD

Orvis Pro Waders (size medium) - $220

Yes I will be uploading photos but it’s going to take a minute. Happy to share more photos upon request.
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I can’t believe the Pulse hasn’t been snapped up. 275 is a smoking price!!! 2 or 3 of those have gone on this forum and all were 300 plus. I’d buy it if I didn’t already own one. It’s a rocket!

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