Xi orders massive new coal mining quota

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Managed a SuperFund EPA mitigation project in Mountain View CA- engineering firm doing the air testing said the diesel exhaust, a carcinogen of the perfect particulate size to lodge in the lungs, was the most prevalent source on site due to commercial trucks, buses, etc.
And from an extensive study last year:

"Exposure to diesel exhaust is known to cause heart and respiratory health problems, leading to hospitalizations and premature deaths. Worryingly, the Driver Diesel Exposure Mitigation Study (DEMiSt) found that professional drivers are disproportionately affected by exposure to diesel exhaust fumes, including taxi drivers (the worst hit group), couriers, bus drivers and drivers working for our emergency services."



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Looks like Willy is stealing my schtick



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Is this solved yet? Are we climate protesting Beijing yet? Have they even asked if anybody minds if they smoke? What's the score on this one? Has the new world order sent out their new membership cards? Lots of banter for so little solutions and answers.


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Blah, shit, fart, piss, piss, fart, piss….

Try to distinguish the above from the banter so far in this thread and then tell me “bantering” makes a forum. Exchange of ideas makes a forum. Bantering makes an insane asylum or recess for Kindergartners.
Serious question (and way off topic), is it kindergartner or kindergartener?


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Are we climate protesting Beijing yet?

No but multiple security officers were injured yesterday when protestors stormed the Dept of Interior demanding we end fossil fuels.

And then there is this:

The New York Times @nytimes
Breaking News: The heart of President Biden's climate agenda — a push to replace coal- and gas-fired power plants — is said to likely be cut from the budget bill because Senator Joe Manchin opposes it.
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